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Securing your AWS Identity Management pipeline with PyTest

Sean Johnson


Cloud Technical Lead at an Australian Retail company. A Canadian transplant of 6 years to the wonderful land of Sydney. I have a lifelong love for automation, woodworking and Python. I am a co-host of the local Sydney Python group. He/Him/They.

Securing your AWS Identity Management pipeline with PyTest

PyTest is an amazing tool for any Pythonista. It protects our Fridays from bad code deployments and it fills our hearts with green PASSED statuses. But, did you know it can test much more than just Python files?

In this talk I will be discussing how to leverage the collection capabilities of PyTest to bring easy and powerful testing capabilities to your Terraform and CloudFormation pipelines. I will be discussing the limits and capabilities of AWS’ IAM policy management and how you can turn the traditionally grueling process of learning cloud security into a positive developer experience.

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