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Security & privacy is an often overlooked area of a tech conference. Not anymore!

Snakeoil Academy

The Security & Privacy Track

In today’s world, digital security and personal privacy are two extremely crucial and valued aspects of our existence. The Security and Privacy track hopes to share knowledge about both of these concepts, both in sharing information about how to ensure security, and detailing ways we can protect our own privacy.

Hosted by Security & Privacy nerds

We're a bunch of privacy and security nerds who think that all technology can be improved with considered thought around its security and privacy implications. From thinking about how we can respect privacy while still offering services through to ensuring your security posture is good enough to be a sales tool.

Eliza Sorensen



Co-founder Assembly Four, former Electronic Frontier Australia board member.

Chris Watt



Product & Process Manager, Hive Technology Labs

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The schedule for PyConline AU 2021 has been finalised and is now available to check out! It's an exciting lineup of talks covering topics all across the spectrum, there's something for everyone.

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