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Security & privacy is an often overlooked area of a tech conference. Not anymore!

Snakeoil Academy

The Security & Privacy Track

In today’s world, digital security and personal privacy are two extremely crucial and valued aspects of our existence. The Security and Privacy track hopes to share knowledge about both of these concepts, both in sharing information about how to ensure security, and detailing ways we can protect our own privacy.

Hosted by Security & Privacy nerds

We're a bunch of privacy and security nerds who think that all technology can be improved with considered thought around its security and privacy implications. From thinking about how we can respect privacy while still offering services through to ensuring your security posture is good enough to be a sales tool.

Eliza Sorensen



Co-founder Assembly Four, former Electronic Frontier Australia board member.

Chris Watt



Product & Process Manager, Hive Technology Labs

Speak at Snakeoil Academy 2021

It's that time again! The PyCon Australia call for proposals (CFP) is live and waiting to hear from you and your great talk idea!

The CFP is open until 10 June, anywhere on earth. There is a countdown on the submission page if you get lost navigating timezones (we all do, timezones are hard!). You can submit to the main conference and specialist tracks (like ours!) through the same process.

Never given a talk before? PyCon has mentors available to help you navigate the talk creation, submission, and presentation process. The con is super welcoming to first timers, one of our very own regular contributors was a first timer at PyCon!

Worried that your talk isn't Python specific? That's OK! This track isn't only about how to implement security and privacy ideals with Python (though we love a good implementation talk!), it's also about understanding what those ideals are, how to think about them, and how to challenge our own preconceived ideals in the first place.

Submit your awesome idea now!

Want to talk but not sure what to talk about? Here are some example topics that might give you some ideas!

  • Implementing solid security and privacy practices in your project, company, or your own thinking.
  • Being a champion for good security and privacy practices in your workplace and teams.
  • The different mindsets & challenges for managing remote vs on-site teams.
  • Security 101 - don't forget that plenty of people don't know where to start and we are always keen to help them find their way.
  • Defensive design and code strategies.
  • The impact of ethics in software development and private data stewardship.

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