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WebAuthn: Multi-factor Auth For Everyone

Benno Rice

Hi, I’m Benno and I’ve done a few things.

I’ve been a member of the FreeBSD core team, I co-created Behave, I ported FreeBSD to the PowerPC and I get far too interested in politics and especially elections.

I currently work at Yubico and have previously worked at iXsystems, Dell EMC and a bunch of other places doing everything from FreeBSD kernel development to Python application development to management and occasionally all three at once.

WebAuthn: Multi-factor Auth For Everyone

The WebAuthn standard, now at Candidate Review stage at W3C, allows for great ease of accessing hardware security tokens, for example Yubikeys, from browsers. It also specifies everything that’s needed in order to implement authentication workflows using these tokens.

This presentation will cover a brief history of multi-factor authentication and the issues it’s had in adoption, then go into an overview of the WebAuthn spec and how it works and finally demonstrate how to integrate it into Django- and Flask-based web apps.

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