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Agloe - What the map makers of the 1930s can teach us about protecting our data in 2018



Rebecca is a “white rabbit” hacker by day and a Python developer by night, she loves good looking code, poisonous plants and spending time dreaming up new security tools that eventually (someday) get published. She also suffers a chronic case of refactoring syndrome and checklist-itis. In Rebecca’s post-hacker life she worked for SaaS providers trying to make information security and policy more accessible and fun, giving workshops on lock-picking and vulnerability management. If left unattended too long she will resume her Pavlovian-style training to get people to improve security practices. Her favourite member of One-Direction is the one with the best passwords.

Agloe - What the map makers of the 1930s can teach us about protecting our data in 2018

What does the little town of Agloe, Colchester, NY have in common with modern day data protection? Why when I look for directions to Agloe, Colchester, NY do I only get a partial match? And what do yellow small birds have to do with anything?

In this talk we are going to do the time warp back to the 1930’s and see what the General Drafting Company can teach us about securing data and breach notification and how to apply these concepts in the modern day. Using free and open-source solutions I’ll show you that information security isn’t all about expensive third-party products and Security Operations Centers’ (SOC), rather, by using some defensive thinking and a bit of creativity, with your exisiting infrastructure and services you too can easily identify data breaches, and catch the bad guys in the act with the tools you already use in your own environment. Come along for a lesson on the anatomy of the canary.

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